Who Am I?

My Name is Jesse E. Agbe(JCharis),I was born in the last century.But I live in Kharkov.

My aim in life is to enable people optimize their lives and available resources and also to leverage opportunities to the point of becoming multipliers,resourceful,significant and Christ-like in this generation and beyond.


Why Was I Born?

Hmm .. this is a difficult question which I am trying to find all the answers. I have gotten to know some of the reason why the Creator made me.

My Skills

I'm trying to learn and gain as much experience as possible each month

Front-End Dev

For the Love of GUIs and UI Design

  • JavaScript/Angular.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design Bootstrap
  • Materialize CSS
  • WordPress
Back-End Dev

  • Flask
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • Iris (GoLang)
Mobile Dev

Mobile and Wearables is the Next Frontier

  • Ionic Framework 1&3
  • Electron
DataScience,Machine Learning and NLP

Data is the new oil

  • Data cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Supervised ML
  • Model Building
  • Data Apps
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Web-scraping
  • Building CLI
Health & Medicine

Improving Health with Technology and Faith

  • Preventive Medicine
  • E-Health
  • E-Brain
  • Predictive Diagnostics
Problems To Solve

The world is full of problems that means it is full of opportunities.Join me as we solve them one after the other.

  • Christlike-Morality
  • Ignorance of Individual and Coorporate Potential
  • E-learning and M-learning
  • Optimization and Potential Development
  • How to make more with what you have
  • Reducing Sickness and Disease Spread
  • Machine Learning in HealthCare,Business & Religion
  • Cure for AIDS,Cancer,etc
  • Renewable Energy Supply
Tools & Languages

I am learning enough not just to code but to create.

  • Source Control
  • Linux Bash
  • Python
  • Julia
  • Go
  • SQL
  • SpaCy
  • Natural.js & Compromise.js
  • English,Twi,French,Russian

Problems I am trying to solve

I'm trying to find the root of problems and solve them each month.

Previous and Current Works

Personal and Coorporate Projects

CommandEx CLI App
CommandEx CLI Appmore_vert

Check it out

Reference Appclose

A Concise and Quick Reference of all commands for Windows,MacOs,Linux,FreeBSD and more.

Theology Kit
Theology Kitmore_vert

Check it out

Theology Kitclose

Master systematic theology everywhere and anytime

Learn Julia App
Learn Julia Appmore_vert

Check it out

Julia Programming Simplifiedclose

A Concise and Quick Guide for Mastering the Julia Programming Language.

J-Secur1ty JCharisTech
J-Secur1ty JCharisTech Youtube Channelmore_vert

Check it out

A Learning Platformclose

Join us as we explore the world of programming languages together.

Our Goal: To explore and optimize programming languages (Julia,Python and many more) and find ways to use it to help solve problems. J-Secur1ty(JCharisTech) is focused on creating tutorials and walkthrough for developers,programmers,scientist,infosec and explorers.

Krok Markers App
Krok Markers Appmore_vert

Check it out

Education Appclose

Simplifed Aid for KROK 1 & 2 Medical Exams -Ukraine

Machine Learning
ML Web Appsmore_vert

Check it out

ML Web Appsclose

Embedding Machine Learning Models into Web Applications (Flask & Express)

Twi Medical Dictionary
Twi Medical Dictionarymore_vert

Check it out

Medical Reference Appclose

A Concise and Quick Collection of Medical Terms in Twi,French and Russian

NLPiffy more_vert

Check it out

Natural Language Processing with Spacy-POCclose

NLPiffy - utilizing spacy,textblob and natural.js to do text analysis and entity extraction


Check it out

DomainGistry Suiteclose

DomainGistry is a Domain Name Generation Suite of Tools that include a CLI,Package and Web App in Python,Javascript and Julia


Check it out

Simple Note Taking CLIclose

Simple Note Taking and Note Keeping CLI.

JCharisTech - A platform for optimization of faith and the mind.
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Work Experience


Currently Working Here as Developer & Researcher

Offering online tution on emerging technologies eg Julia,Python,ML,NLP

KATH- Kumasi

Biostatistician 2012-2014

Data Collection for building an Efficient Health system for the hospital


KNUST- Hospital

Medical Laboratory Technician -Intern

Hematological Analysis

Urinalysis and Microscopy


V.N. Karazin -Kharkiv National University

MBBS - Medicine

University of Cape Coast.

Bsc, Human Biology

Alliance Francaise



Microsoft Office Suite



I make tangible your invisible ideas with the best technology and resources possible

  • Front End Web Design Services
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps Dev
  • Health Care
  • Online Tution



By utilizing emerging technologies and resources I help to create with code and insight the solutions to your challenges.

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Machine Learning Web Apps



Join me as we brainstorm ideas and possibilities that works

  • Preventive Medicine
  • Christian Growth
  • Brand Building
JCharisTech - A platform for optimization of faith and the mind.
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How Can I Help You?

Yes How can I help you?

My Social Media

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